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First of all, I would like to thank you to all visitors who are curious to know about Tichkule Learning.

I am Sunny Kumar.  I started my carrier at the age of 20. I am eager to teach all of you about digital marketing. My aim is to make you an extraordinary digital marketer by giving my 110% efforts.

This is the only platform where all of your questions will solve by me the best.

My Early Life Journey Till 2017

From my childhood, I was curious to know about all things that came to my mind. I always had a dream to do something creative or different. I was a bright student in my class. In my school,  I used to participate in all the competition like speech, debate, essay writing, poem and all that.

I believe that school days are the golden days of our life. In 2013, luckily, I got admission in Kirori Mal college. In the beginning, I faced a lot of problems in college as I passed from Hindi medium school.

In the second year, I decided to learn English so I took admission in Free English Academy (an NGO to learn the English language for free). It helped me in learning and speaking English. After completing the graduation in June 2016, I got a job in the BPO sector.

Everything was running good but as I told you at the beginning that I wanted to do something different so I started learning digital marketing at the starting of 2018.

About Tichkule Learning

In this quickly developing world, having different aptitudes is considerably more profitable than having a degree.

Tichkule Learning goes for giving all personalities a free stage to increase inventive and instructive information about Digital Marketing and SEO through which you can upgrade your business, share your insight comprehensively, figure out how to advance your item.

We ensure that the earth here won’t get all donnish by making our online journals straightforward and engaging.

Tichkule Learning trusts that life is tied in with developing and continue refreshing oneself. All things considered, on account of the web you can accomplish these objectives without selecting into costly classes.