6 Easy Steps to Use Twitter for Your Successful Business Marketing

Do you want to know how to optimize Twitter for business and increase the revenue?


Here’s how you can optimize Twitter for business to find new customers for free.

Just think about the challenges that your business solve or the satisfaction your business provides to your customers.

Now, place yourself in your customers’ shoes and search the keywords, queries, phrases, hashtags, and keywords they could tweet to show what they want that your business provides.

For example, suppose you have a bookstore, you may search around for one thing like “I want to buy this book.” It can be possible that people are either searching or talking about this on twitter:


Today Twitter boasts quite 320 million monthly users and continues to fly high and low.

Due to some “presidential” treatments, Twitter is obtaining additional attention than ever from the journalists, media, and each the non-public and businessmen.

But why on twitter?

why on twitter

The very first reason for your business to be on twitter is your customer.

If your customers are spending their time on twitter then you have to be there to engage with your customers and for this, you need to be active on Twitter.

History of Twitter shows that it has become more valuable for businesses over time, from brand accounts to Twitter ads, polls, videos and benefits of business appears endless on twitter!

Twitter started in the year 2006 and has since evolved to become one of the biggest social media for your businesses and companies in the present time.

Twitter overviews on the points of interest organizations gain from their quality on the area, 85% concur that they feel a great deal of associations with a business when they tail them.

As per these stats, it’s good to mention that Twitter followers are active in driving sales, recommendations and a broader customer reach. That’s all right although – if you have got followers.

With 500 million tweets being sent every day on Twitter is the simplest ways that for companies to engage with and build their audience.

Professional bloggers, influencers and journalists monitor Twitter for company story ideas, brand, and fan.

Happy and frustrated customers passionately share their complaints, concerns and opinions on Twitter.

Twitter is additionally a wonderful place to share your brand’s news and content with an ROI that equates to referring traffic to your website or blog.

In summary, though Twitter may not be as massive as Instagram Or Facebook, the platform remains a fantastic promoting channel that’s well price building a presence on.

Now you know the potential of Twitter for business. Therefore this is the right time to take advantage of the Twitter and be assured that your profile is ready.

Easy Steps to Optimize Twitter for Business.

1. Select a Good Header Image

The very first thing that your visitor will notice is your header image. So select a picture that accurately represents your company or business.

Compare your header image to a magazine cover. Change it month to month to coordinate your month to month publication date-book

You can additionally update it once launching a brand new product, service, or campaign. Feature promotions or a visual that tells a story concerning what’s happening that month in your company, business or brand.

Make sure to optimize all pictures by saving the image file name with branded keywords so that your images can appear in image search.

twitter header image

If you are facing difficulties while making your header image, you can visit Canva, that offers some free templates to create twitter header image:


2. Make Your Logo as your Twitter Profile Picture

It is best to use your brand or company logo as your Twitter profile image.


Because this image is displayed next to every single interaction with your customers on Twitter.

For business brands, use a version of your brand logo that’s simply recognizable and representative of your business or company. Think about the design, colour, image size, and how it will appear on a mobile device.

Don’t have a good business logo?

Do not worry, you can create a business logo using canva also.

It will help you create a good brand logo for your business in minutes. Canva has some free brand logo templates that you can use.

keep in mind that your profile image is always displayed as a circle. So make sure your logo should be the circle.

3. Write an Engaging and Excellent Bio

Your Twitter bio is your one chance to impress visitors and Twitter’s search engine to your profile in 160 characters or less so take advantage of this.

Twitter permits 160 characters to describe your company or brand on your homepage.

In this short space, you have to describe the services or product that your company provides to your customers.

Use super relevant keywords and hashtags.

Don’t riddle this with keywords, make sure to use at least one relevant keyword in there to reflect your business in an accurate way, while helping to improve search visibility.


When thinking about which hashtags to use be aware that the hashtags you use in your bio will be clickable.

Make sure that you are not driving your visitors to your competitors if someone clicks on your hashtag.

Stay with marked hashtags or ones where the professionals exceed the cons.

Remember that web crawler results frequently show your Twitter bio in the depiction of the connection when a Twitter username shows up in pursuit.

Create it attention-grabbing in order to make your visitor click on the link. Don’t be cutesy or funny. Then, finish with a call-to-action.

4. Regularly Update Your Pinned Tweet

If your Twitter cover image is sort of a magazine cover, see at the pinned tweet as your featured story. Twitter permits you to pin one tweet to the highest of your profile.

Pinning a Tweet to the highest of your profile is usually skipped.

And when you optimize Twitter for business, this can be a good chance to spotlight your current marketing campaign.

Pinned tweet

To pin a tweet to your Twitter profile, find the tweet you want to pin and click the drop-down arrow indicating a menu. Then click “Pin to your profile page.” Now that you’ve optimized your profile.

Pinned tweet 2

Think strategically when pinning tweets by including a powerful visual, a transparent call to action, relevant keywords, strategic hashtags, and a link back to your web site or journal for more information.

Bear in mind for brand new users landing on your profile the primary factor they’re going to see in your Twitter stream is the pinned tweet. Make it good!

5. Twitter keywords

While your business ought to have a collection of keywords it tries to rank for, all those keywords might not translate over seamlessly to Twitter–especially if they are long.

Analyze your keywords through numerous tools, and choose a set of keywords specifically for Twitter.

The Google Keyword Planner is that the best tool to begin and identifies what keywords compose your business.

This set ought to be smaller, as Twitter is changing perpetually, and as we have learned a couple of weeks agone, Google updated its search algorithmic rule to show the foremost recent results–so that tweet from yesterday is maybe long gone!

Try to have a little set of keywords and use them throughout the day in your tweets to assist boost your rankings.

There’s no purpose in a nice looking Twitter page if the correct customers can’t notice you.

Keywords are the ‘themes’ that will help tap to exist traffic and amplify your exposure, thus it’s absolutely crucial you put research into which ones fit your brand best.

6. Hashtags


Studies show that tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than without hashtags.

The less number of hashtags the better it is. Effective use of hashtags permits Twitter to tap into conversations and acquire your brand out there.

One to 2 hashtags get better results than 3 or additional, thus it’s best to concentrate on the best hashtag. Find around for trending hashtag conversations and choose the best that you would like to relate to your business.

Then include yourself within the conversations and use the relevant hashtags. This may assist you to connect with potential followers or customers who have similar interests too.

Beyond numbers of hashtag, there’s a code of ethics and honour when using hashtags.

Whereas you may be attempting to optimize Twitter for business with a trending hashtag, it may have a crash and burn impact leading to negative news coverage on your brand.

You can use hashtagify to search for the trending hashtags.


Anyone can use Twitter for business to succeed in their target market, build their brand, and increase sales.

When you optimize Twitter for business, please follow all the steps that I have mentioned in this post.

Don’t forget that in essence, Twitter could be a platform for conversations, not broadcasting.

Therefore work to connect with your customers and grow your community.

And keep in mind, Twitter’s algorithmic rule rewards quality content that users actively have interaction with.

Use a social media programming tool to post frequently, and develop relationships with micro-influencers through generosity.

Have you ever had any success using Twitter for business?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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